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ezroam or Call Us : +6011-3239 0000(Chinese Customer Service) Email: support@ezroam.my


Try this first.
1.On Data Roaming
2. On mobile data
3. Delete all old Apn setting
4. create new Apn setting(info on packaging)
5.Restart the phone
Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Ezroam Malaysia is a sister company of Taiwanese ezroam group .
Ezroam offers pocketwifi rental from RM20 per Day , using latest technology, service up to 140 countries, for latest information please visit www.ezroam.my
our product range:
Pocket WiFi
Overseas Simcard
Each EzRoam sharing device can be connected up to 5 devices, it is recommended that 1 ~ 2 devices to connect to ensure the best quality of communication, the more device connected, the slower the speed.
Ezroam provide the equipment, and the network signals is supported by the local telecommunications company.
Please be considerate if the local building block the signal or poor connection in remote areas.
Each country's base station construction in accordance with the International Telecommunication Regulations Must be required to reach more than 90% of the population to operate, so in the densely populated areas and the main tourist areas usually smooth Internet access, unless you are in the building block corner will make the Internet is not smooth, for example, you can not get online in the elevator is the result of building masking.
If you are unconnected for more than 1 hour , please contact our careline.
Ezroam will not responsible if customer did not feedback their problem to careline.
Please whatsapp/ wechat our careline +6011 3239 0000 (9am-9pm Malaysian time) to report
When contact with customer service, please follow the below steps: -
1. Provide booking name
2. Provide the TSID at the bottom of the device
3. Clarify your current city, country and related issues
Ezroam will not responsible if customer did not feedback their problem to careline.
No,the rental service is based on the time of departure and arrival as the calculation of rental period, EX: January 1 to go abroad and back on January 10, you must rent 10 days and so on.
The device can only collect 1 day before service date, and must return 1 day after service ends or extra rental will be charge.
we support up to 140 countries, please refer to our website for service countries.
our service circle refresh every 12:00am on the service country time
Depends on the usage, number of pax, walk together or separate. both have good and bad
1. EzRoam Device 2. Charging cable 3. Device casing for protection
Yes, Ezroam provides unlimited data, but some of the countries have FUP(Fair usage policy) for 4G data in order to ensure the quality of communication by maintaining the quality of the network connection, We advice customer do not video streaming,online TV, online games, watch youtube.... and so on, it is recommended to set the Dropbox, iCloud, APP automatic updates and other programs off before go abroad, and should avoid watching online video, Youtube and other services which require large amounts of data. If using large amounts of data in the short term may result in the local telecommunications company take initiative to slow down or disconnect. For this situation, EzRoam will not be able to refund.
please refer Ezroam FUP Table at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VDug6Pxf9fVdMZYG4d6V7x66QSqjFnrC
Standby time up to 15 hours.

Check email20K
Receive mail 2500 words70K
FB check-in / upload photo 1MB
FB reply one comment0.69MB
Visit a website which its URL start with www for 5 minutes7MB
Line or Wechat or other communication software 10 words20K
Visit PTT 5 minutes0.46MB
LINE call 1 minute0.43MB
YouTube video 3 minutes5.9MB
Navigation 30 minutes400K
PS:1MB = 1024K
Free cancellation 3 days before the rent date and the deposit and the fee will be refunded.
If canceled within 3 days from the rent date, RM50.00 will be charged as processing fee.
If the equipment has been sent, customer must be responsible for
the shipping fee.
Courier charge will be RM10 per way. We recommend you to use commercial address rather than residential address, as commercial address delivery is easier to manage by courier company.
delivery service is not available for last minute booking.
Device will deliver to customer or ready for pickup after 12pm 1 day before service start date. Customer shall return to us within 1 days after end of service date, or extra rent will be charge.
For example, if you booked for March 2 to 8,your device will deliver to you or ready for pickup after 12pm on March 1, and return date will be March 9 before 4pm.
EzRoam will not access the customer's credit card information.
Our payment gateway complient International Security Standards (PCI DSS 1)-compliant,
which is the highest standard in payment industry to ensure all transactions are safeguarded.
Get yourself connected to the internet on the go. Think about:
Staying in touch with your friends and family back home through text messaging and calls with WhatsApp®
Navigate and find your way around a foreign place with Google Maps®
Check your emails (especially if you are a business traveller)
Share your travel adventures on social media channels!
Find useful information for your trips. (E.g. attractions & museums opening hours, public trains and buses locations etc.)
And more…
The Chinese authorities have restricted the use of certain websites and mobile applications in China.
Use of VPNs will be at the users’ risk as the authorities are constantly updating their systems. Ezroam will not be liable if the user decides to use VPNs.

While planning for the trip, please research online to find out the list of websites and mobile applications that are banned to have a better understanding on the country’s internet regulation and policies.

We do provide 2 types of data service for China, with VPN and without VPN.
Fair Usage Policy is a set of guidelines implemented by the country's local carrier (Internet Service Provider, ISP) to limit the amount of data consumed by the end user. Once the estimated data cap is reached by the end user, the internet speed will either throttle to a slower speed (still accessible to the internet) or in some cases, terminated by the carrier. This is to prevent data abuse and violation of data service agreement, such as bandwidth hogging.
The carrier reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to deny or terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend the service if the end user engages in unfair usage, in excessive or abusive usage on the ISP, at their sole discretion, determines that action is necessary to protect the network from harm or degradation.

Ezroam is not liable if the connection service is terminated when the end user has reached the given data limit.
please refer Ezroam FUP Table https://drive.google.com/file/d/14KCETDEHIz1FuxbaEFupXDAUDnDQIMmX/view?usp=sharing
Our collection and return points as below, working hour is Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Travel Monster
G33 AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre,
No.1 Jalan Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bharu,

Kuala Lumpur: 1 Utama Shopping Center

Penang: 197, Macalister street 10450, Penang

Or just sit and relax, we will send and collect from your doorstep for as little as RM10/way
LxWxH 126mm x 68mm x 16.5mm
Weight: 190gm
A booking fee of RM7 per booking. It covers the costs involved to upgrade, enhance and improve the security features for online payments.
An optional insurance fee of RM30 per booking(regardless the no of device) will cover penalty charges including cancellation of order, loss/damages of accessories and *portable wifi device (*must be provided with proof of loss, i.e. police report). Note: Insurance does not cover late return penalty fees.
Charge and Fee
Last minute booking fee
Within 72 hours: RM10/booking
Within 24 hours: RM 30/ booking
Within 4 hours: RM 50/booking
Last minute bookings are subject to availability
Change of booking Fee:RM10/change
Cancellation of booking Fee: RM 50/booking, deposit will be refunded.
Yes, Late fee of day rent will imposed according to the number of the day late. the amount will be deduct from the deposit.
Deposit Per Device is RM200
Please provide us your correct account information for your deposit returning purpose.

*Credit card account number is not acceptable for refund purpose
To ensure timely refund, kindly double check bank details and IC number.

*Please provide us your account information for your deposit returning purpose.
Deposit will be refunded via bank transfer within 14 working days to you upon return of the pocket Wi-Fi device.

Ezroam will not responsible for any loss due to incorrect information provided
Stock availability may be varied.
As customers are recommended to book at least 7 day before departure
Ezroam would fully refund in case of out-of-stock after payment.
For other influence due to travel impact, Ezroam is not responsible for any liability or compensation for loss.
Loss / Damages and related charges as below:
(Without insurance)
WiFi Router : RM700
Power Bank: RM 80
Cables: RM 25
Pouch : RM 15

(with insurance, prove by police report)
WiFi Router : RM0
Power Bank: RM 0
Cables: RM 0
Pouch : RM 0
You can wechat/whatsapp/ whatsapp call +60111-32390000
our service hour is 9am-6pm Daily. Malaysian time.
Ezroam reserves the rights to alter term and condition from time to time.
Can, even if the country requested is not in the list, please inquiry our careline +6011 3239 0000
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